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SAQA IDUnit Standard TitleCreditsLearning TypeNQF LevelAssessorsModerators
10043 Develop, implement and manage a project/activity plan 5ElectiveLevel 5 View(61) View(14)
10313 Comply with service levels as set out in a Contact Centre Operation 10CoreLevel 4 View(573) View(25)
10450 Prepare site for installation 12ElectiveLevel 4 View(56) View(1)
10453 Schedule customer equipment installation 4ElectiveLevel 4 View(55) View(1)
110021 Achieve personal effectiveness in business environment 6ElectiveLevel 4 View(56) View(20)
110023 Present information in report format 6FundamentalLevel 4 View(1533) View(67)
114050 Explain the principles of business and the role of information technology 4FundamentalLevel 5 View(501) View(24)
114059 Demonstrate an understanding of estimating a unit of work and the implications of late delivery 5FundamentalLevel 5 View(472) View(20)
114076 Use computer technology to research a computer topic 3FundamentalLevel 4 View(1664) View(68)
114226 Interpret and manage conflicts within the workplace 8CoreLevel 5 View(71) View(15)
114589 Manage time productively 4CoreLevel 4 View(56) View(21)
114742 Calculate tax payable by a small business 6ElectiveLevel 4 View(58) View(3)
114977 Use a spreadsheet package to produce and manage business documents 3CoreLevel 3 View(55) View(2)
114978 Use a word processing package to produce business documents 3CoreLevel 3 View(56) View(2)
114984 Manage electronic mail in a business environment 2ElectiveLevel 3 View(551) View(37)
115116 Create original design messages, forms and arguments 16ElectiveLevel 5 View(20) View(2)
115117 Plan, research and organise design projects 12CoreLevel 6 View(13) View(1)
115120 Plan and organise the design process 10CoreLevel 6 View(13) View(1)
115146 Select materials, media and processes for production 16CoreLevel 5 View(20) View(2)
115362 Manage software development source files using appropriate tools 5CoreLevel 5 View(289) View(9)
115367 Demonstrate logical problem solving and error detection techniques 8FundamentalLevel 5 View(311) View(13)
115379 Create object scripts for a multimedia/web-based computer application 20ElectiveLevel 5 View(295) View(9)
115390 Create an application for a single-user personal computer using a fourth generation language 10ElectiveLevel 5 View(288) View(10)
115391 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of the internet and the world-wide-web 3CoreLevel 4 View(1678) View(84)
115835 Operate in a professional manner utilising trouble shooting techniques while applying creative thinking processes 5FundamentalLevel 5 View(33) View(1)
116930 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based presentation application to enhance presentation appearance. 5CoreLevel 3 View(1667) View(104)
116932 Operate a personal computer system 3ElectiveLevel 1 View(269) View(121)
116933 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based presentation application to create and edit slide presentations 3 Level 1 View(261) View(116)
116935 Enhance, edit and organise electronic messages using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based messaging application 2CoreLevel 2 View(1656) View(111)
116936 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based database application to work with simple databases 3CoreLevel 3 View(1643) View(97)
116938 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based word processor to create and edit documents 4ElectiveLevel 1 View(346) View(150)
116940 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application to solve a given problem 6CoreLevel 3 View(1719) View(127)
116942 Use a GUI-based word processor to create merged documents 3CoreLevel 3 View(1684) View(107)
116943 Using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application, enhance the functionality and apply graph /charts to a spreadsheet 3CoreLevel 4 View(1674) View(116)
117156 Interpret basic financial statements 4ElectiveLevel 4 View(1553) View(45)
117244 Investigate the possibilities of establishing and running a small business enterprise (SMME) 3ElectiveLevel 4 View(44) View(5)
117534 Digitise picture and sound for non-linear editing 3ElectiveLevel 4 View(25) View(2)
117545 Present journalistic story ideas 5ElectiveLevel 5 View(64) View(4)
117598 Develop and present creative work and compile work portfolio 8ElectiveLevel 5 View(14) View(1)
117661 Demonstrate an understanding of advertising production 8CoreLevel 5 View(26) View(3)
117867 Managing files in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment 3ElectiveLevel 1 View(225) View(96)
117871 Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies 10ElectiveLevel 5 View(58) View(18)
117923 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based presentation application to prepare and produce a presentation according to a given brief 5CoreLevel 2 View(1674) View(123)
117924 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based word processor to format documents 5CoreLevel 2 View(1740) View(149)
117925 Describe the concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the use of its components in a healthy and safe manner 3CoreLevel 2 View(1601) View(85)
117927 Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based database application to solve a given problem 6ElectiveLevel 4 View(1600) View(82)
117943 Install a Personal Computer (PC) peripheral device, in a GUI environment 2 Level 1 View(88) View(43)
118028 Supervise customer service standards 8ElectiveLevel 4 View(16) View(13)
119078 Use a GUI-based word processor to enhance a document through the use of tables and columns 5CoreLevel 3 View(1712) View(122)
119176 Respond to a request for proposal 5ElectiveLevel 5 View(24) View(3)
119458 Analyse and respond to a variety of literary texts 5FundamentalLevel 3 View(219) View(9)
119459 Write/present/sign for a wide range of contexts 5ElectiveLevel 4 View(531) View(27)
119465 Write/present/sign texts for a range of communicative contexts 5FundamentalLevel 3 View(530) View(25)
119467 Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes 5FundamentalLevel 3 View(470) View(25)
120344 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant current occupational health and safety legislation 4CoreLevel 3 View(54) View(2)
120372 Explain fundamentals of project management 5FundamentalLevel 4 View(52) View(21)
120378 Support the project environment and activities to deliver project objectives 14ElectiveLevel 5 View(86) View(14)
120379 Work as a project team member 8CoreLevel 4 View(304) View(39)
120385 Apply a range of project management tools and techniques 7ElectiveLevel 4 View(42) View(22)
12153 Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment 5FundamentalLevel 4 View(115) View(13)
13925 Present information in a public setting 5FundamentalLevel 5 View(303) View(26)
13931 Monitor and control the maintenance of office equipment 4ElectiveLevel 3 View(1487) View(38)
14911 Participate in formal meetings 3 Level 2 View(8) View(7)
14913 Explain the principles of computer networks 5ElectiveLevel 3 View(1602) View(59)
14917 Explain computer architecture concepts 7ElectiveLevel 4 View(1601) View(56)
14919 Resolve computer users problems 5CoreLevel 4 View(579) View(23)
14921 Describe the types of computer systems and associated hardware configurations 6CoreLevel 4 View(578) View(26)
14926 Describe information systems departments in business organisations 3CoreLevel 4 View(572) View(25)
14944 Explain how data is stored on computers 7CoreLevel 4 View(606) View(28)
15096 Demonstrate an understanding of stress in order to apply strategies to achieve optimal stress levels in personal and work situations 5FundamentalLevel 5 View(78) View(15)
15224 Empower team members through recognising strengths, encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks 4FundamentalLevel 5 View(47) View(12)
15234 Apply efficient time management to the work of a department/division/section 4ElectiveLevel 5 View(111) View(25)
242813 Explain the contribution made by own area of responsibility to the overall organisational strategy 5ElectiveLevel 4 View(24) View(3)
243816 Develop a project quality management plan for a simple to moderately complex project 6ElectiveLevel 5 View(44) View(8)
246654 Apply personal mastery skills in the ICT environment 6 Level 4
246655 Demonstrate an understanding of NGN networks 1CoreLevel 4 View(53) View(1)
246658 Demonstrate an understanding of computing systems 5CoreLevel 4 View(53) View(2)
246659 Demonstrate an Understanding of basic electrical and electronic principles 5CoreLevel 4 View(56) View(2)
246664 Install an Asmmetrical Digital Subscribes 4ElectiveLevel 4 View(52)
246669 Apply systems thinking skills in the ICT environment 5 Level 4 View(2)
246671 Demonstrate and apply fundamental people skills in the ICT environment 6 Level 4 View(1)
246674 Demonstrate an understanding of Telecommunication switching systems 3CoreLevel 3 View(52) View(1)
246676 Perform operationally activities on telecommunication lines in the vicinity of overhead power lines 5CoreLevel 3 View(52)
246677 Perform Wiring and Maintenance on a Main Distribution Frame in the Telecommunications Environment 3ElectiveLevel 3 View(53) View(1)
246679 Provide customer support on telecommunication services 6CoreLevel 4 View(53) View(1)
246683 Use a computer based workforce management system 6CoreLevel 3 View(56) View(4)
246719 Erect and haul optic cables for telecommunication purposes 8ElectiveLevel 4 View(57) View(3)
246720 Perform operational activities on Non-Metallic Telecommunication Media 16ElectiveLevel 5 View(60) View(3)
246740 Care for customers 3CoreLevel 4 View(35) View(11)
252020 Create and manage an environment that promotes innovation 6ElectiveLevel 5 View(36) View(5)
252037 Build teams to achieve goals and objectives 6FundamentalLevel 5 View(45) View(16)
252193 Identify potential and existing customers of the business 4ElectiveLevel 4 View(46) View(19)
252197 Identify and use marketing resources to meet objectives 4ElectiveLevel 4 View(44) View(19)
252210 Handle a range of customer complaints 4CoreLevel 4 View(432) View(31)
255534 Develop designs according to brief 8FundamentalLevel 5 View(13) View(1)
255554 Present and communicate design work 5CoreLevel 5 View(13) View(1)
255555 Realise design concepts 16CoreLevel 5 View(13) View(1)
255556 Produce designs according to specifications 14CoreLevel 5 View(13) View(1)
258837 Demonstrate an understanding of business applications and systems 10CoreLevel 5 View(33) View(1)
258838 Investigate implementation options for Information Technology (IT) solutions 6FundamentalLevel 5 View(49) View(4)
258840 Demonstrate an understanding of the external environment of business 5FundamentalLevel 5 View(33) View(1)
258875 Design forms and reports using a Graphic User Interface (GUI) based database 4ElectiveLevel 4 View(552) View(41)
258876 Work with spreadsheets 3ElectiveLevel 4 View(460) View(39)
258877 Demonstrate knowledge of and manipulate master and subdocuments in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based word processor 4ElectiveLevel 4 View(549) View(39)
258878 Ensure spreadsheet intergrity to enhance reliability 3ElectiveLevel 4 View(551) View(36)
258879 Change the appearance of a spreadsheet 3ElectiveLevel 3 View(460) View(43)
258880 Utilise special features to enhance presentations 3ElectiveLevel 3 View(549) View(37)
258881 Design complex tables and queries using a graphical user interface (GUI) based database to solve a given problem 5ElectiveLevel 4 View(542) View(35)
258882 Manipulate data and ensure integrity 4ElectiveLevel 4 View(440) View(35)
258883 Use generic functions in a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-environment 4ElectiveLevel 1 View(629) View(98)
258897 Apply electronic messaging and calendar application 2ElectiveLevel 2 View(453) View(42)
258898 Review and create documents using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based word processor 7ElectiveLevel 3 View(546) View(37)
259137 Analyse fault reports and make decisions according to work policies and procedures 5CoreLevel 5
259139 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of basic digital electronic principles 10CoreLevel 4
259142 Demonstrate knowledge of applied communications technology 8CoreLevel 4
259169 Construct DC power supplies 5CoreLevel 5
259170 Operate electronic test instruments 5CoreLevel 4
7456 Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business and national issues. 5FundamentalLevel 3 View(1514) View(51)
7465 Collect and use data to establish complex statistical and probability models and solve related problems. 5ElectiveLevel 4 View(28) View(7)
7468 Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues 6FundamentalLevel 4 View(681) View(28)
7785 Function in a Business Environment 4ElectiveLevel 3 View(1494) View(42)
7886 Develop and Implement A Business Plan 8CoreLevel 1 View(6) View(5)
8000 Appyling basic business principles 9ElectiveLevel 3 View(6) View(1)
8555 Contribute to information distribution regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace 4CoreLevel 4 View(40) View(6)
9532 Demonstrate basic knowledge of computers 6ElectiveLevel 3 View(106) View(21)
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