2022/2023 Discretionary Grant Applications Outcome

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2022/2023 Discretionary Grant Applications Outcome

Dear Valued Stakeholder

Thank you for the interest shown in the SETAs previous Discretionary Grant open window.

With each DG window, the SETA receives a high volume of applications – more applications than we are feasibly able to partner with.

Companies that were shortlisted for site vetting have been contacted and site vetting is underway.

Organisations whose applications were unsuccessful will be provided with feedback on the status of their applications in due course.

The Discretionary Grant is awarded at the SETAs discretion, taking into account the need to spread programmes across South Africa’s urban, peri-urban and rural areas, across our various subsectors (Media, ICT, PR & Communication, Marketing & Advertising) and across the various Learning Programme indicators (WIL, Internship, Learnership, Skills programmes amongst others).

Stakeholders whose applications have not been successful are welcome to apply at the SETAs next discretionary grant window, details of which will be announced once the DG window has been opened.

The SETA endeavours to partner with stakeholders in a manner that is fair, sustainable and transparent and is committed to support our subsectors in their skills development efforts.

For any queries on your DG application, please send an email to DGoutcome@mict.org.za and we will revert on your specific query.

Yours in skills development