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RefStatusDescriptionOpening DateClosing DateDownload
MICT-SETA/IAS/001/2020Provision Of Internal Audit Services For MICT SETA For A Period Of 5 Years06/12/202007/10/2020 11:00am


Invitation to BID (SBD 1)

Pricing Schedule (SBD 3.3)

Annexure A (SBD 3.3)

Annexure B List of Submissions

Declaration of interest (SBD 4) 

Preference Points Claim Form (SBD 6.1)

Declaration of Bidder’s Past Supply Chain Management Practices (SBD8)

Certificate of Independent Bid Determination

RFI/ELS/001/20Extension - Request for Information for the Design, Maintenance and Support of a Comprehensive E-learning Solution05/05/202005/11/2020 11:00am


Download initial document

Consolidated Question and Answer Document

RFI/ELS/001/20Request For Information For The Design Maintenance And Support Of A Comprehensive E-learning Solution04/24/202005/06/2020 11:00am


RFQ/MICT/51/2019Appointment of a service provider for provision of an expert opinion on grap 10903/05/202003/13/2020 11:00am


MICT-SETA/ERP/012/2019Appointment to Request Facilitating Services to Process, Unpack and Develop the Final MICT SETA 2020-2025 Strategic Planning Document Using the New Framework08/06/2019 11:00am


MICT-SETA/DMS/016/2019Appointment of a Service Provider for Provision of a Document Management System to MICT SETA for a Preriod of Five Years08/23/2019 11:00am


MICT-SETA/IT-SMS/2019Appointment of a Service Provider to Lease an Existing Information Management System to the MICT SETA for a period of Six Months from Date of Appointment- Closing Date: 23 August 201908/23/2019 11:00am


MICT-SETA/ERP/014/2019Appointment of a Service Provider to Lease an Enterprise Resource Planning System to the MICT SETA for a period of Six Months08/23/2019 11:00am


MICT-SETA/UIF/2019Appointment of a Suitably Qualified Skills Development Project Management Service Provider to Assist The MICT SETA to Manage Training Programmes for a Period of 12 Months08/30/2019 11:00am


MICT-SETA/PS/015/2019Appointment of a Service Provider for Provision of Payments of Stipends on Behalf of MICT SETA for a Period of Five Years08/30/2019 11:00am


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