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The MICT SETA shall certify constituent learners in the event that they have been declared competent by a registered Assessor and Moderator. The assessments must have been verified and endorsed by the MICT SETA.

The MICT SETA will issue a certificate in accordance with the terms and conditions of accreditation of an MICT SETA as stated in the SAQA ETQA Regulations mentioned herein and the SAQA guideline document for the Certification of Learners by Accredited ETQA Bodies.

The procedure to issue a certificate shall be based on the following information:

7.1 For recognition of learner achievements:
7.1 .1 The Training Provider shall notify the MICT ETQA in writing upon completion of Moderated Assessments and supply the following information:
7.1.2 Learner information details and achievements in a format prescribed by MICT SETA;
7.1.3 The list of learner’s achievement, verification request checklist, assessment, and moderation report, should be forwarded to the MICT Seta.
7.1.4 The MICT ETQA shall conduct on verification visits (external moderation) of the moderated assessments in line with the procedures for assessment and moderation;
7.1.5 Moderators and Assessors are required to be present during the verification visit.
7.1.6 The SETA Verifier shall submit a recommendation report for the endorsement of learner achievements to the Senior Manager: ETQA for ratification;
7.1.7 For the regions, the Regional SETA Verifier shall submit a recommendation report for endorsement of learner achievements to their Regional Manager for rectification;
7.1.8 The Senior Manager: ETQA shall endorse the learner achievements and his decision shall be communicated to the SETA representative:
7.1.9 The SETA Verifier: shall communicate the final decision to the training provider;
7.1.10 The Chief Executive Officer: MICT SETA shall sign the certificate to validate the authenticity;
7.1.11 The SETA Representative shall copy the certificate for record keeping and send the original certificate by registered mail or courier to the training provider;
7.1.12 The provider shall not prepare any certification ceremony before a formal request to collect certificates received from the certificates personnel.
7-1.13 Only three reprints per learner will be done for providers.
7.1.14 The results shall be up-loaded on the MICT ETQA database linked to the NL-RD system
7.1.15 The SETA representative shall request the ETQA personnel to generate the appropriate certificates as recommended by the Senior Manager: ETQA,
7.1.16 The MICT SETA shall endeavour to print certificates a month after the verification is endorsed by the Senior Manager ETQA.

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