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  1. The SETA advertises a Discretionary Grant (DG) window, which includes Learning Programmes being advertised & closing date
  1. Applicants apply for Learning Programmes they seek to implement
  1. The SETA receives the applications and conducts documents and compliance verification checks
  1. Companies are shortlisted based on meeting preliminary application criteria, such as submitting the required supporting documents, scarce & critical skills, relevance of application to the MICT sub-sectors (advertising, electronics, film and electronic media, Information Technology.
  1. The MICT SETA DG Committee sits to conduct evaluations
  1. The Applicant is provided with written feedback on the preliminary outcome of the application
  1. Site vetting takes place for the applications recommended subject vetting.
  1. Site vetting feedback is submitted to the Learning Programmes Division
  1. Final application outcome is communicated to the company through dgoutcome@mict.org.za
  1. Stakeholders may appeal the DG outcome by sending an email to grantreview@mict.org.za
  1. Allocation of DG grant is at the discretion of the MICT SETA informed by the Annual Performance Plan Targets and Annual Budget.