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The Sector Skills Planning (SSP) research provides an overview of the skills gaps within the MICT industry, it outlines the interventions aimed at addressing Sector Priority Occupations that are considered scarce and critical.

This research is documented in an annual 65-page document called the SSP which is based on an extensive triangulation process which involves consultation with the industry.

The SSP research serves to:

  • Identify key drivers of change in the industry
  • Identify SETA’s priority projects
  • Guide grant allocations
  • Sector Priority Occupations

Top 10 Scarce and Critical Skills

Through the outcome of the SSP research, the MICT SETA Strategic Plan is informed

The research serves as basis for the development of the SETA’s Strategic Plan. Other documents informed by the broader outcomes of the SSP include:

Learn about our Sector Skills Planning.