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Discretionary Grant Advertisement (Programme Takeover)

Dear Valued Stakeholder,

The Media Information and Communication Technologies (MICT SETA) hereby invites constituent and eligible stakeholders within MICT sub-sectors to apply for Discretionary Grant funding to take over an existing Learnership programme. This Grant is intended to meet the MICT sector needs as set out in the Sector Skills Plan (SSP), Strategic Plan and priorities outlined in the National Skills Development Plan.
The allocation of funds is intended for programmes and projects that improve the supply of qualified and competent people for scarce and critical skills and enterprise development. In this window, MICT SETA will be allocating Discretionary Grant funding for the following learning intervention:

Programme Type Period Targeted Number of learners Area of the programme Budget Province
Learnership programme: Film and Television Production Operations: NQF LEVEL 04: Credits: 157 7 months 23 City of Johannesburg R747 500.00 Gauteng

Who can apply?

The MICT SETA has been mandated, as per the amended Skills Development Act 37 of 2008, to allocate grants in the prescribed manner for skills development opportunities for all South Africans who meet the below criteria.

Therefore, only MICT SETA Levy paying entities and non-levying entities, who have successfully implemented MICT SETA funded learning programmes, located in Gauteng and whose core business resides within the MICT sub-sectors with the requisite capacity and legally good standing, may apply. Given the special nature of skills development broadly and with regard to SETAs specifically, the MICT SETA’s discretionary funding is applicable, in the main, to:

❖ MICT SETA Levy paying companies.
❖ MICT SETA Constituent SMMEs.
❖ MICT SETA Training Providers

The MICT SETA will not award funding for:

Stakeholders who applied during any previous DG window are welcome to apply during this window of funding irrespective of the outcome of their previous application.

The MICT SETA will not award funding for:

❖ Set-up costs, e.g.start-up costs;
❖ Capital expenditure, e.g. building costs, equipment such as computers, etc.
❖ Blacklisted entities;
❖ Entities that defaulted to pay learner stipends;
❖ Entities who have never implemented MICT SETA-funded programmes in Gauteng;
❖ Stakeholder who submits fraudulent compliance documents.

 Application Process

All applications must be submitted online : https://lms.mict.org.za/

❖ The deadline will not be extended.

Mandatory compliance documents

For your application to be evaluated for this Discretionary Grant, the following mandatory supporting documents need to be completed and submitted with each application:

❖ Proof of company registration.
❖ Products and services of the company.
❖ Valid Certificate Tax Clearance – must not have expired.
❖ Commitment to employ learners upon completion of the learning programme applied for (SMMEs exempted from this requirement);
❖ Valid BBB-EE Certificate or an affidavit.

❖ CSD report (with tax compliance status and verified banking details);
❖ Company shares certificate(s) – not shares register or shareholding confirmations.
❖ List of MICT SETA learning programmes implemented by the entity /company in the past.
❖ Proof of company banking details – not older than 3 months.
❖ A declaration of interest for Directors and possible relationships with Board members and management of the MICT SETA (On a company letterhead);
❖ A copy of the previous SLA of a programme implemented with the MICT SETA.

Failure to submit any of the above-listed documents will result in the disqualification of the application.

NB: The allocation of Discretionary Grant funding is at the sole discretion of MICT SETA.

The application window closes on Friday 2 February 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

All queries must be directed to an email  DGqueries@mict.org.za

Please note: If you have not heard from us within a month of submitting your application, please consider your application unsuccessful. This is a programme takeover of a programme currently running: the SETA does not have a DG window open at the moment.