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Discretionary Grant Applications Review Notice

Dear Valued Stakeholder

The MICT SETA has finalised the processing of the Discretionary Grant (DG) window which closed last year on 30 September 2022. The DG window was oversubscribed, and all the indicators were responded to beyond the prescribed Annual Performance Plan (APP) targets.

Stakeholders who have implemented MICT SETA learning programmes successfully, levy-paying entities and constituent MICT SETA stakeholders were prioritised.

All stakeholders who have not yet received site vetting invites must consider their application unsuccessful due to the following reasons:

Annual Targets for 2023/24 have been reached
Limited budget and/or
Lack of evidence to prove that the entity has implemented a learning programme successfully in the past.

The SETA invites all eligible stakeholders who wish to apply for DG funding for the 2024/25 financial year to submit a Workplace Skills Plan(WSP)/ Pivotal Training Plan (PTP) and Annual Training Report (ATR)/ Pivotal Training Report (PTR) before 31 May 2023. Follow the link to register a profile to submit a WSP/ATR/PTP: MICT LMS System

Stakeholders who seek more information pertaining to their application may send their enquiries to dgqueries@mict.org.za

MICT SETA Constituent stakeholders who had applied for Discretionary Grants and submitted WSP/ATR and PTP/PTR for  2022/23 but were not recommended may send their appeal to: GRMReviewcommittee@mict.org.za

Yours in Skills Development