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The MICT SETA invites all relevant stakeholders to participate in its sub-sectoral focus group discussions.

The Skills Development Act 1998 Section 10(1) (a) requires SETAs to conduct research and document industry occupational shortages and skills gaps through the Sector Skills Plan (SSP) and develop strategies to address the identified shortages and gaps. In an effort to update the previous year skills shortages and gaps, the SETA invites HR Practitioners, Technical Specialists/Experts, Researchers or anyone involved in the development of skills within respective workplaces, to sub-sectoral focus group sessions that will focus on:

  • Key Skills Change Drivers (Factors affecting skills demand and supply, Policy frameworks affecting skills demand and supply)
  • Occupational Shortages and Skills Gaps (Sectoral Occupational Demand, Extent and nature of Supply, Sectoral Priority Occupations).
  • Skills Priority Actions


The focus group sessions are scheduled as follows:

Sub-Sector Date Time Link to access the session
Advertising 06 July 2021 10am – 12pm

Meeting ID: 860 1471 6507

Passcode: 397804


Film and Electronic Media
Information Technology,  Electronics and Telecommunications (ICT) 07 July 2021 10am – 12pm

Meeting ID: 873 3067 3182

Passcode: 654141



Looking forward to a fruitful engagement.

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