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Learnership Stipend

Dear Valued Stakeholders,

Learners enrolled in the MICT SETA funded learnership programmes are eligible for a monthly stipend of R2,500. Stipends are disbursed to learners who have successfully attended the learnership programme and fulfilled all programme requirements in accordance with the terms and conditions. It is important to note that a stipend is not equivalent to a salary, but rather a grant that is provided to learners who have participated in the programme. It is important for stakeholders to communicate to learners that the stipend is intended to support them during their studies, rather than being seen as a source of income.

It is essential to emphasise to learners the importance of prioritising their education and maximising the opportunities offered by the learnership programme to ensure their success. By highlighting the significance of education and maintaining a strong focus on learning, learners will be better prepared to achieve their goals and thrive in their chosen profession.

Yours in Skills development