Message from the Chairman for the Festive Season


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Message from the Chairman for the Festive Season

We have come to the end of another difficult year as we have seen waves of the corona virus infections and it’s spread. The recent Omnicron variant of the virus has seen high levels of spread of the virus and further increased uncertainty. However, a balance between socio-economic considerations and preserving life has to be struck. To achieve this balance, we have to continue to take the necessary precautions that include social distancing, wearing masks at all times when in public and washing and sanitising our hands regularly.

The challenge ahead is to live up to our new vision, which is “Cutting Edge Skills”. It means we have to lead the way in providing future skills now. This is a daunting task that I am confident we will be able to live up to. The MICT SETA employees have worked extra hard during the course of the year and the industry feedback, generally, affirms that. We hope to pick up from where we left off next year. For now, it is time to be with families and friends; recharge so as to comeback with more vigour.

I wish all the Board members, the staff and our stakeholders all the best over the festive season. Keep safe, observe the COVID-19 regulations under the level 1 lockdown. Wear your mask, wash your hands and sanitise regularly.

We must embrace the new normal and think creatively.