MICT SETA Collaborates with the Cortex Hub to Accelerate Access to Critical Digital Skills

The Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA) has partnered with the Cortex Hub to provide access to critical digital skills to young people.

The partnership, with a Memorandum of Understanding, signed on 29 August 2022 at the Cortex Hub facilities in East London will focus on the development of tech-driven entrepreneurship training and 4IR skills development to accelerate local innovation and business capabilities to drive job creation and economic growth.

CEO of the MICT SETA, Mr Matome Madibana, said, “Strategic collaborations with entities such as the Cortex Hub will solidify our commitment of providing our youth with the necessary digital skills to help them thrive and survive our modern world.”

The Cortex Hub is an exemplar for excellence in Tech education and research for the development of high calibre solutions and generation of businesses that find opportunities to innovate for the Eastern Cape’s social and economic development and within the African continent. Speaking at the event, Cortex Hub Manager, Mr Ayabulela Dlova, said, “Technology has potential to greatly improve the state of our township and rural communities. Our main goal is to ensure that we design and deliver initiatives that can train and support start-ups in building socially impactful solutions. These start-ups are future job creators who give us hope in the fight against poverty and unemployment. The partnership with the MICT SETA cements this as a means to foster a greater level of financial inclusion; and eradicate the education skills gaps.”

Mr Madibana further added, “we want our young people to develop the capabilities to effectively drive local technological innovations and growth. Hence, we are committed to investing in our young people to unlock their full potential.”

The Cortex Hub is one of the five hubs in the Eastern Cape and is located in East London. As part of this partnership, the MICT SETA will fund skills development programmes.