Notice to Stakeholders Implementing MICT SETA funded Programmes

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Dear Stakeholders,

While we recognise that COVID-19 has had an adverse impact on a number of businesses, the SETA expects Stakeholders implementing MICT SETA funded Learning Programmes to adhere and comply with the obligation to pay Interns their stipends on time.

Companies are expected to budget accordingly and ensure that after the payment of each tranche, sufficient funds are set aside for the timely payment of Intern/Learner stipends. Not paying Interns/Learners their stipends on time may lead to negative programme outcomes such as learners not completing the qualification, dropping out of the programme, anxiety and financial distress on the part of Interns/Learners.

We encourage all stakeholders implementing SETA funded programmes to plan & budget accordingly and to communicate to the SETA well in advance if they foresee challenges with timely payment of Intern/Learner stipends so that these challenges can be mitigated timeously.

The MICT SETA reserves the right to terminate Service Level Agreements and recover the disbursement paid to companies who fail to pay learner stipends. Defaulting stakeholders will be listed on the MICT SETA database of stakeholders who cannot do business with the MICT SETA.

Learners can report non-payment of stipends to

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