Submission of Outstanding Documentation for WSP’s/ATR’s

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Submission of Outstanding Documentation for WSP’s/ATR’s

Dear Valued Stakeholders,

The MICT SETA would like to thank all stakeholders who submitted their WSP’s and ATR’s for the period ending 30 April 2022. The finalisation of the evaluation process is underway and we would like to appeal to stakeholders with outstanding documentation to submit their supporting documents by the 25 November 2022, in order to finalise the WSP/ATR evaluation process.

Your organisation has been identified as those stakeholders with outstanding information. You are therefore required to email your information in line with the notification of outstanding documentation previously sent to you to the relevant MICTSETA SSP team member as indicated in the attached spreadsheet. Please note that the L- Number only has been used to identify your organisation in line with the POPIA.

Upon submission of outstanding documents, a formal communication will be issued to you regarding the outcome of your application.

Click here to view the list of the SDL numbers with outstanding documentation and relevant MICT SETA representative to assist in finalising your application.